June 1, 2017 // Idea:

Here for a new-old thought, one that I can finally put onto paper (or onto the web, more like).

While going over my work files today with Kenzie, Kelsey and Kathleen; Kelsey mentioned the future profits in the well abandonment industry, and it got me thinking about a process that was mentioned on CBC. The general procedure involved utilizing the geothermal heat that is being vented from these abandoned wells, and using them as a source of heat for greenhouses. As such, we would end up having co-production, of geothermal electricity and agricultural production. Pretty neat!

With this new technology, we could ideally help feed the northern populations who deal malnutrition due to the inaccessibility of fresh produce in these regions. On top of this, it would make use of abandoned wells who are simply sitting there, not doing anything. Banks will lend to companies willing to install greenhouses on old wells, more than they will to companies who are plugging and abandoning their disused wells.

I’m interested in this technology and would like to get personally involved in it somehow.

Here’s a link for more info about it: http://energynow.ca/alberta-government-eyes-geothermal-fix-abandoned-well-crisis/