Back at it

Oh heyyyy so I know it’s been a while! Things have been hectic lately in a great way – I am always one to appreciate a busy schedule, I see it as a way of setting myself up for success! Of course, days with downtime are great too – they give me a chance to recoup and to.. hehe.. update some things…

So it has been a pretty great summer so far! Since we last spoke, I finished my scuba diving training and got my drysuit certification (excellent!!), completed my Proserve and worked as a bartender at Stampede (less excellent, potentially not worth it), learned a new skill and worked as a caterer for Black Apron, the catering company that I met at Stampede (first job was last night woopwoop!), I am writing articles for Positive Planet (jyst finished one of sustainability apps), I have been hanging out with Fernie friends all the time and going to birthdays and hikes and BBQs and all the fun stuff, I am still doing my Dutch lessons on a daily basis, I have gotten back into yoga, HIIT and stretching, and I am back to working at Danielle’s and preparing my trip to South America. Rico Suave came back from Denmark and her Euro-trip on July 12th and we had the chance to catch up ❤ Alej came back from NZ and we caught up a bit too! And further still, Jordy came to July 13-26 – 2 weeks of pure bliss and togetherness! This has been such a great summer of happiness, connectedness and reunions with the people that mean the most to me!!

So much fun stuff means a happy Rachael. And one of them that I want to talk to you about in further detail was the July roadtrip. Jordy and I do tons incredibly fun stuff together – it is always a blast when we’re connected 🙂 I picked him up at the airport on Thursday night and it was a weird time to put it bluntly. We were both a little shocked to see one another in the flesh! At that point, we had spent more time apart and fostering our virtual Skype relationship than we had together! We went to pick up pizza for him at Una, and it was a little off. Granted, we were both tired – him from the flight and me from nonstop work the past 7 days (with shitty clients, but more on that later). Once the pizza was ordered and on its way, we stood awkwardly waiting for it to arrive.. Only for it to be the wrong one.. So we had to wait even longer for the right one to finally appear. We stood mildly awkwardly in the little hallway connecting the door to the restaurant and barely made eye contact. I was struggling to find my words and I know he was too. This was not what I was expecting when I saw my Jordy again! Very strange! I figure it was just the fact that we had been apart for a long time and didn’t really know how to behave in person with one another again. Plus the tiredness and hangriness was setting in. We drove home and finished off the pizza. We were comfortable and alone and able to chat once again. Our hearts and minds exposed to one another as we had done so many times before. Finaly we were close to being back in our elements. Then we kissed and finallyyyyy had sex again!! It was amazing!! I almost wish we had recorded it xD for it was so incredibly passionate and gentle and lovely. What an incredible feeling to sense his skin against me again. Ah man now I’m craving it now… Haha

Well anyways, I was working at Stampede the first few days that he was around, so I took the Friday off and we got to explore the grounds (accompanied by those good ol mini donuts), and went to the Chuckwagon races and Grandstand Show. He felt very Canadian during the “Canada 150”-themed Grandstand show :’D Once Stampede was all done on Sunday, we relaxed and packed up and got all ready to start out adventure – first stop: Waterton!

Waterton was great, we arrived on Monday evening and went for a hike up the Bear’s Hump. What a beautiful view overlooking the lake and townsite, the sun was starting to set and the sky was streaked with blue and tinges of pastel orange, and with my endorphins racing and my favourite guy right next to me, I was happy as a clam. I remember giving him a hug and physically noticing my heart-rate slow down, my muscles relaxed and I could feel myself melting into him. I was so happy. I looked up at his ocean blue eyes and he took a step back on the rock he was standing on, and I was suddenly overtaken by an overwhelming wave of love and endearment towards him. I was so happy that there was nothing I could do, my emotions were so strong, and the only way my body was able to handle it was through laughter. And laugh I did. I seriously laughed my head off for a solid 5mins as he looked at me with incomprehension troubling his eyes and lined across his face. I reckon I might be crazy xD I just couldn’t help it! And for some reason, he reminded me of a bug as he stepped back. Sooo then I pictured him being in Bug’s Life and that is also what set me off. So so weird. Like wtf brain? Anyways, we made our way back down, and were on our way got our camp set up at Waterton Springs, when we happened upon… a very happy, very black, little bear! It was walking through the fields, probably with a full belly and content with the abundance of berries that the bushes were ripe with these days. Jordy was the definition of stoked! I quickly pulled over as he jumped out of the still-moving car and whipped out his camera. I shared his intense joy and was overtaken once again by happiness and love for that crazy Dutch boy. We eventually made it to camp and had a quick pasta dinner as the sun was setting. As the sun went down and the stars became extraordinarily bright and beckoning, we decided to concede, so we ventured up a hill to do some star-gazing. We laid on a blanket and simply stared upwards at the canopy above, talking for a couple of hours : about stars, about science, about philosophy and about life. Warm and comfortable next to my soul-mate, we chatted and shared our minds and souls. We even saw the Milky Way! Smeared out in a celestial smudge, clear as day above our heads. Haha see, it is not a hoax my Jordy xD When the wind picked up and carried in some haze from the nearby wildfires, we loped back to the tent under a blanket of stars and looking forward to soon being under our own blankets.

The next day, we took on the Carthew Trail. After finding out that we had missed the early-morning shuttle, we decided to instead do half the hike and turn around later. We started at Cameron Lake and slowly climbed the switchbacks, sharing stories, facts and laughter, and eventually made it to Summit Lake. This was the point that we figured was about halfway; however, it had only taken us 45mins.. And it was only 1:30pm.. Soooo we figured, why not continue on? So we did and eventually climbed up a steeper section, happening upon views of glacier lakes tucked away in bowls, and infinite fields of beargrass, which were invisible to us down below. We kept hiking up and up to the top of the ridge, where we had 360 views of the park, and even off into the prairies! What a sight! We sat on the top of the ridge, alone in this wonderful utopia of green grasses, blue skies and lakes, grey mountains and strikingly orange rock. With such a great view before us, I felt incredibly connected to my love, and so did he. Sooo we decided to consummate that love.. on a nearby rock… Hahahah and it was amazing!! 100% the most scenic place that I have ever had sex! 10/10 would recommend xD After that beautiful end to the afternoon, we strode down some snow patches and fooled around on the ice, slowly meandering back down to Cameron Lake. We spoke in varying languages on the way down too, speaking quite adeptly in Spanish for a solid hour or so! I was very proud of us! And incredibly stoked that we both love languages and to learn new things 😀 Once at the lake, we decided it was too hot out NOT to jump in! The glacial water was a refreshing change from the hazy heat and sweat of the day 😀 After this beauty day in Waterton was up, we mosey-ed out and over to Fernie! We drove for the next few hours, tired out from the day and a little worried as we were running late.. We stopped in Pincher Creek for a random dinner – Jordy had a sense of total displacement while we were there too xD He had a look of bewilderment on his face when I came back from the washroom and asked me intensely “where the heck are we???” Pincher Creek is not what you’d call a very “in” town xD We drove into Fernie with big smiles on our faces, and strode into a panelled red house to greet the boys! Benny, Tim and Tom were happy to see us – if not a bit miffed that we were so late :/ We played beer-pong and hung out the rest of the night. It was a chill one! Even better when Benny offered us his van as a place to sleep – so so comfy!!

The next day we went for a mountain bike ride with Tim – I was off my game and PMS-ing and not feeling safe going so fast among all those roots, so I was taking it easy (and a little mopey) on our trip up there. Merp not exactly ideal. I felt off because Jordy was with his boys and I felt intrusive. I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted him to hang out with them, but I also wanted him just for me. It was a strange and annoying dichotomy in my brain. Eventually we made it back down and I apologized for being in a crappy mood, then I went to meet Jessie, and her and I went to Silver Springs to do some cliff jumping while Jordy and Tim waited for Tom to finish work. So her and I had the chance to catch up and do some jumping and chat with some people while we waited for the boys. We they arrived, we all jumped together and had a good time. They even went off a 45ft one. Crazy boys xD Then we all headed back home and showered, then Jordy and I went to the BEST indian place around – the good ol Himalayan Spice Bistro! After sharing a wonderful meal and trading memories of our time in that crazy little town, we walked back home and guess who we saw? None other than good old Zaliqa! Riding home on her bike! So so random!! Also i cant believe that I forgot to message her when I was in town :/ Anyways so cool seeing her. Twas fate! We slept in Bennys van again that night, and were off in the morning!

We caught up with Jessie over Big Bang bagels in the morning, and headed up to say hi to the ski hill 🙂 So weird seeing it in the summer! And we saw Taylor there, what an odd time! After some photos and reminiscing by the Deer chair, we were off to the Lussier Hot Springs! It was decent. Kinda full of people and with a storm threatening to come in, we decided we should keep it a quick stop there. When we got back off that gravel road (woops this may have been where all the little pocks/dents in the car came from D:), we went to radium and had some lunch and accidentally turned the wrong way -_- Soooo we had to backtrack as a storm was lurking overhead. Eventually we made it through the Sinclair Canyon, listening to podcasts and practicing our french and dutch! We ended up at Johnston’s Canyon, snagging the last available campsite there woopwoop! We made camp, and hurried over to the shelter to make our little pita pizzas! To this day, that was one of the best meals I’ve ever had… sooo tasty!! Jordy found some fellow Dutchies there and struck up conversation with them! Super cool! That night, we snuggled into our tent and had a nice sleep in our happy rain-kissed forest environment.

The next morning, we hiked up to the 2nd waterfalls at Johnston’s Canyon, then started the next leg of the adventure up to Jasper and the Icefields Parkway. It was calm, with a troubled overcast sky above us. No animals were seen, but towering mountains and encroaching glaciers were all around us. We set up camp at Thompson’s Creek and drove over to Saskatchewan Crossing to find some gas for our little stove.. To no avail.. But the trip was not lost, as we happened to pass by Abraham Lake. Now if that isn’t the bluest, most beautiful lake I’ve ever seen 😀 We stopped and roamed around the lake. It is all crown land, so we could have camped there for free! The problem was that we had already registered and paid for our camp for the night. Ah well. Nonetheless, my words were lost as the colour and tranquility of the lake took my breath away! What a beauty!! Definitely considering it as a possible wedding venue.. What a place to be alive! We went back to camp in good spirits and made an interesting pasta with beans and leftover veggies, and beer of course. We even bought some popcorn for later! My fave! We are good camping buddies for sure xD That night as we laid in the tent and went through photos, we were only slightly aware of the people beside us in the campground, as it was quite private. We were more aware of them later when our tent was shaking and the light inside likely drew attention to our love expressions xD 😉

The next day, we drove out to Lake Louise and walked around the blue lake, it was nice seeing it again – without an ice and snow cover this time! We didn’t make it to Moraine Lake as it was sooo incredibly busy 😦 Another trip for another time! We stopped in Canmore and hiked up to Grotto Canyon, the site of my childhood near-death experience! It was a nice walk, and I felt that we were connecting deeper and deeper by the day. A nice feeling indeed. Afterwards, we stopped at Aroma for a nice Mexican dinner and margaritas! We were rather tired from the nights in the tent, so we decided to make the trek home that night and sleep in our big bed, with amenities close at hand. We had a nice catch-up at home, and eventually chatted the night away. What a trip indeed!

Sunday, we had a tasty waffle breakfast at home, courtesy of my lovely mama, and hit the road! Next stop for the day: Tent Ridge! Now this was a day for the books! We hiked up, chatting and observing, as we do, and made it to the Meadow. It was freckled in snow patches, blanketed in wildflowers and also, unfortunately, invaded by mosquitoes! We had a brief break here, then continued our ascent up the boulders to the ridgeline! Joryd helped me through some of my height uneasiness, and took some stellar photos of me conquering my fears 😛 Once at the top, we hugged and marvelled at the view together! Little did we know, it just got better and better as we continued. We stopped a few times along the ridge: to have snacks and water, to chat with some friendly hikers, to gawk at the view and take photos, and even to build a little Inukshuk! We arrived at the final high point of the ridge and just felt so incredibly happy, connected to one another, and blessed to be in such an awe-inspiring and unbelievably gorgeous location! We meandered down eventually, chatting the whole way down about how happy we are, about our connection and shared wavelength. I felt so happy and alive and free. The drive back was good, our emotions and endorphins from the day were slowly dropping, and at one point, Jordy asked me about my thoughts on girls.. I told him I’d be open to doing some stuff 😉 And then he said something about how girls in the Netherlands always do that. So that took me off guard as it is something that means a lot to me, and that makes me feel very vulnerable. So i clammed up and he could see the hurt on my face and we spent the evening in a sad state. Dinner with the parents was decent, but I was still troubled at his astute reaction from earlier, so we didn’t talk much. Eventually we went downstairs and talked it out. And we chatted about how we were feeling. And i told him how stuck I was feeling being in Calgary. He told me he had the same vibes while travelling. It was nice getting those of our chests. Again, I felt close to him. a little hurt still, but I don’t like holding grudges. We had a sensual, soft and honest evening together after that. All entangled into each other’s minds and bodies and souls.

Dino dayyyy! It had come! We drove out to Drumheller and spent the day learning all about those good ol dinos of Alberta! We had a blast out there, I know Jordy was really looking forward to it! After that day in the museum, full of chatting and mind-tickling and surreptitious butt brushes 😉 we headed over to horseshoe canyon, then back to Calgary to have a nice pizza dinner at Famoso with la madre, then to see the movie Dunkirk! It was  a fascinating film. Full of thought-provoking metaphors and sobering sights, enabling another glimpse at the atrocities that transpire in times of war. It was a really great evening. And our second-to-last before my Jordy was to leave. We played some pool – both equally matched in terms of inexperience xD He won though, so i owed him a massage! We spent another beautiful evening wrapped up in each other’s arms.

Tuesday was Jordy’s last day in town 😦 We spent it together at home, making a tasty pancake breakfast, swimming in the lake, and cuddling in bed. It was a lovely day! Just the perfect day to get back to heartful matters and to chat about those deeper topics that both of our minds crave to explore. It was perfect. Absolutely impeccable. We planned the first part of our South American adventure, shared pictures, skyped with his parents, looked into Master’s programs together, and we even did something a little crazy… It involved a camera, which as it turns out, was turned off. Too bad 😦 Butttt we recreated it later in the evening! It wasn’t quite the same, but amazing nonetheless!! And the memento, locked away in our minds (and on both of our computer’s) is a great tribute to our love 🙂 ❤ We spent the night together, happy and sad. A bittersweet mixture of love and melancholy at our parting. Another perfect evening for the books. As can only be expected when I’m with my Dutch soulmate ❤ I can’t believe the amount of love that I have for this boy. It is beyond words, even beyond comprehension. My heart is filled with warmth, which spreads to my limbs and down to the tips of my toes in waves of tingly delight. His skin, when pressed against mine, is like a balm which soothes a burn, but instead of cooling, it warms and fills me with desire and comfort and love. My heart rate slows and my muscles melt away when we look into each other’s eyes. I feel so at peace when near him. I see his soul and he sees mine. It is a phenomenally vulnerable feeling, and yet it feels incredibly right. Not scary, simply perfect. I am understood. My Jordy ❤


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