Back at it

Oh heyyyy so I know it’s been a while! Things have been hectic lately in a great way – I am always one to appreciate a busy schedule, I see it as a way of setting myself up for success! Of course, days with downtime are great too – they give me a chance to… Continue reading Back at it


June 21, 2017 // Fernie – December Oh Fernie. Fernie, Fernie, Fernie. Honestly those were 100% (hundy P) the best days of my life to this date. I found myself in Fernie. I gained self-confidence. I made amazing friends, who lifted me up and made me feel alive and happy, and who were always down… Continue reading Dec//2017


They are a fickle thing. Since being back in Calgary, I am immensely grateful for the friends I have out here. They are my support system, and keep me company if I’m ever feeling down. They listen to me, and I listen to them. We have good chats and fun laughs and I love spending… Continue reading Friends

Summer Goals

Here is a list of the summer goals that I wish to accomplish this season! The world is my oyster, and I can’t wait around doing nothing until┬áJordy comes to visit. Sure, these things would be more fun with him, but I must not lose sight of my independence and the things that make me… Continue reading Summer Goals